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Start Early.

Take No Vote for Granted.


American politics is broken. You know that. MAP USA will help fix the problem.

MAP USA’s programs in 2024 will engage with broad universes of American citizens in key target states, including but not limited to its primary purpose of voter registration, mobilization of the Rising American Electorate (RAE), and the discussion of economic issues that will make America stronger and more competitive in the 21st Century.
These targeted, cost-efficient programs will be based on intensive quantitative and qualitative research.  MAP USA will also run comprehensive field, digital, and mail programs to address the important issues of 2024 and to counteract the massive disinformation campaigns that undermine American democracy.
A successful program has to be ambitious and creative.  MAP USA will confront the most difficult challenges confronting American democracy because the future of our country is at stake.  Honestly, America has no other choice. 
Also, our team loves a challenge.

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